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Thank you so much for visiting my page!  

All of my work revolves around preserving cherished memories of pets and companions.  I specialize in all types of pet portriature work, from traditional painting to jewelry to sculptural miniatures. 


The majority of my work is commissioned portraiture for private collectors.  It pushes me to do new things, to capture new moments. Each painting is like a brand new challenge, and the reward of getting it right is indescribable.  When I see someone’s face when they see their painting or sculpture for the first time—there is no greater anxiety or joy than in those moments.   When I am tasked with capturing someone’s loved one, whether it is a horse, dog, or any pet… I am capturing a piece of their life forever, not just as photos depict—but as they wish to remember.   


My books are always open however lead times change throughout the year based on workload.  Please contact me with questions!  For those who enjoy watching the process start to finish, much of my work which is in progress (and my current leadtimes) are available for viewing on my Facebook page. 

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