Portrait Pricing

Pricing includes the original (one of a kind) piece, painted from your photos in the highest quality watercolors on heavy 140# cold-press paper.  Once completed and after your approval, it is framed for either pickup or mailing.

ALL portraits will come framed.  I use wood frames whenever possible and everything is archival.  I feel that this is an important part of the presentation, especially with of this type of artwork -- as so many are gifts (for oneself or for a loved one), it allows it to be enjoyed immediately.   Framing also keeps the artwork safe from damage and from the skin oils during handling. 

If you don't care for the frame it arrives in, all portraits are in standard sizes and can be re-framed easily and without damage to the artwork. 

5x5 or 5x7

Head and shoulders only


8x10, head/shoulders

Head and shoulders only


8x10, full body

Full body portrait


11x14, head/shoulders

Head and shoulders only


11x14, full body

Full body portrait, good size for both horses and dogs


12x16 or 12x18

Great size for multiple animals

by project

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