Gifts and small editions

This page is devoted to customizable gifts and jewelry featuring sculpture and painting by Liesl.


Completed pieces will be listed here or on Etsy, and limited run of unpainted pieces will be available as well. 


 Custom Portrait Ornaments 

4" ornaments with a portrait of your pet. The shape of the ornament can be round or square, with the portrait one side and an ornamental sculpted design on the back.  Makes a fantastic gift. 

Pricing on ornaments are $100 each and come gift boxed.  Each is entirely hand painted in acrylics and one of a kind. 


 "Dan & Shay" 

MICRO MEDALLIONS... AKA "pony coins!"  These tiny penny-sized medallions are so much for so many things. Can come with a flat bottom (shown) or rounded into an actual coin.

Click image for photos and purchasing details!