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"Lopin Lenny"(previously Riley)

This is part kickstarter, part jumping back into the hobby with both feet! 

Back in 2009/2010  I sculpted a piece by the name of Leggs, and a followup loping version. Both editions have long sold out and I kept one solitary copy as my archival master.

As I continue to expand the studio, casting has become a large part of what we are looking to do in the future--this way all future work can molded and cast in-house. In order to do a test run on all our equipment and also get this aspect up and running, I have customized this master with quite a few changes.  Wanting to improve on the original master, he has been gone over nose to tail and given a new identity.  First off, this piece is now a HE, and appropriately made more masculine throughout.  Heavier muscling, reworked face/jowls, neck and detailing added nose to tail.  He also has a longer mane and tail perfect for all sorts of performance events.



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All pieces are sold out. 

Painted pieces will be available as completed. 

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