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"Dan & Shay"


Dan (left) and Shay (right) are the teeniest of micro medallions... measuring approx 3/4" and are wafer thin.  I started calling them "pony coins" due to their size!  Designed to actually be set into pendants and bracelets, these versions are specifically being offered to the special type of person who likes to paint tiny things. 


The jewelry versions will be available as completed pieces shortly.  These are sold unpainted in white or black resin.  An earth magnet can also be added for ease of keeping track of heckin' tiny horses. 

Price is $5 each.  You will have to add Dan and/or Shay *individually* to the cart but then can change quantities and pay for everything at once during checkout. Pieces ship USPS Priority ($8 flat rate box) or First Class ($4) and you will see that at checkout as well. 

Any questions, please ask!

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