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Let's Get Crafty!

Hire Liesl for your next Paint N' Sip event for a fun and unique experience!  A variety of crafty projects that teach guests a bit about creating art and has them bringing home something that they are sure to keep.  

We will bring all materials and supplies, and come an hour prior to the event to set up.  Events last 1.5 hours and we will clean up afterwards. NO minimums, no hidden charges, a flat rate per guest and imagery can be tailored for specific themes/events.  Perfect for businesses, restaurants, breweries, teambuilding, benefits and parties.

Customize your event with these great options:


Glass Painting

Guests paint a wine or pint glass using templates and permanent food-safe glass paints.  The imagery can be seasonal, such as snowflakes or flowers.  Materials include the glassware, all painting supplies, and brushes.  Designs can include 1-3 colors and can custom concepts can be created to be easily completed by a beginner.


Acrylic on Barnboard/Wood Canvas

Guests paint their choice of provided images (usually a choice between 3-4) using transfer methods onto barnboard or cedar.  Materials include pre-prepped barnboard, transfer mediums, brushes and paints. Boards are pre-prepped with an antiqued white finish, and imagery can be seasonal or event specific, including company logos or event details.


Painted Flatware

Guests paint decorative designs or imagery on large wooden spoons, suitable for hanging on the wall.  Templates and transfers are used to create unique pieces.  Imagery can be seasonal, featuring snowflakes, pumpkins, or flowers, or with more non-specific design work. Materials include large wooden spoons ready to hang, paints, and brushes.


Tile Coasters

Guests create unique coasters on tile using transfers or templates.  Materials include 4x4” slate coasters, transfer mediums, brushes and paints as well as sealer.  Like the other options, imagery can be season or event specific, including company logos or event details.



Guests paint glass or wood slice ornaments with various holiday/seasonal themes. Several options available including a snowy scene with birds, snowflakes, etc.  Like the other options, imagery can be season or event specific, including company logos or event details.  Guests leave with completed ornament ready to hang.

Contact Liesl directly at for pricing and availability.  Questions always welcome!

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