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Sometimes, the best way to grow as an artist in a medium you love— is to take a step back for a while.  Do another type of art; immerse yourself is something similar but different; take a deep breath and reopen your eyes with a fresh perspective.


It is this stepping away that has allowed me the growth to present to you this piece: a culmination of years doing portraiture now coming full circle back to the hobby that I have loved so dearly.  It has been nearly a decade since I have offered a piece for sale within the hobby… and my friends, I am overjoyed to share him with you.  I sincerely hope he is worth the wait. 


When I saw Levi for the first time, and held him in my hands, I was moved.  Quarter horses are an increasing part of my life, and he by far is the most lovely depiction of who they are, that I have seen in such a long time. Kind, yet purposeful.  Soft, yet determined. A quarter horse does not need to shout; he is content to whisper and by virtue of who he is, we all listen. When I started putting paint to this lovely resin canvas, he inspires in such a way that I could easily paint him in every color under the sun.  That being said, part of the elegance of the Quarter Horse is that for so much horse, they wear the most simple of clothing.  There is something classic and charming about a sharp dressed man. A dapper suit, a clean cut shave, a polished wingtip shoe.  This is Levi.  This is Dockers.  This is how this particular piece was born. 


Bay, while such a common color, has a deepness and complexity of a fine wine.  No two are the same and each has its nuances that play with light and shadow.  Layer upon layer of the finest archival oils have been carefully hand painted to create a rich depth, and the delicate sculptural details have been enhanced with careful consideration throughout the piece. He has been sealed with varnish to protect his finish and then that sheen matted down to create a super soft, velvety appearance.  Every part of him as been carefully considered and detailed with the utmost skill and care. 


But what of his name?  I have named this gentleman “Richart”… an homage to the fine European chocolatier.  With a color so lush, it seems appropriate!  It also is a nod to the Reichert, which was a world quality horse show bringing together the finest in all the stock horse breeds.  He is no exception and should do his new owner proud in any level of competition, and is an asset to any collector’s show string. Or for that matter… he is simply eye candy to have on your shelf.  

SOLD: $3500 Bidder 2

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